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Erie Avenue

In the Town of Clifton, Erie Avenue and Park Street were the most important business streets. There was a market square, which included the town hall, the lock-up, Binkley's Groceries and E.S. Cole's Jewellery Store. Another notable businesses was Pat Duffy's Shamrock saloon, reputed to be a local headquarters for the Fenians.

The Erie and Ontario railroad needed new rails between Stamford and Clifton, which were installed diagonally across the market square. In exchange for the use of the land, they donated property for a new town hall on Queen Street, with a city market behind it. A triangular bit of the old market was used to set up a bandstand for public concerts (which were occasionally interrupted by trains).  

Clifton is now part of the City of Niagara Falls, and the railway tracks are gone, but the area is still a municipal centre and business district.

There will be a poster of a historic photo on site at this location during the summer of 2017.


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4618 Erie Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3N4, Canada