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The “Niagara Falls Wine Company” was established in Toronto in 1874, and in 1890, the firm moved to Dorchester Road. The name changed to “T.G. Bright & Company” in 1911.

In the 1930s, experimental vineyards were planted that introduced cuttings from European wine-producing grapes, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Seibel and Reisling. The flourishing of these exotic grapes influenced the entire Niagara wine industry.

Brights had held tours for years, but in 1979, formal 90 minute programs were organized. They included slide presentations, touring the winery and sampling afterwards.

In 1993, T.G. Bright merged with Cartier and Inniskillin to form Vincor. A few years later, the historic Dorchester winery was demolished. A new Vincor facility nearby featured administrative offices, the Wine Rack store and a wine-tasting centre. Vincor was eventually sold to Constellation Brands, an International wine and beer making company. The Canadian branch of Constellation was recently returned to Canadian ownership, with its purchase by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan in 2016.

There will be a poster of a historic photo on site at this location during the summer of 2017.

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4991 Dorchester Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6N8, Canada